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FAQ – Frequently asked questions

1. . Why can diarrhea/constipation occur?

At the beginning of the Reg-Enor treatment, peristalsis is accelerated by the action of bile and enzymes (the spasm of the intestine will be 3 per minute). Therefore the stool becomes dry because the contraction of the intestines from it and constipation may occur if we do not eat enough fiber. There are those whose function of bile and enzymes is weak. A lot of bile is produced by the action of Reg-Enor and fat; papilla vater is open for a long time. Therefore a lot of enzymes can be excreted, with bile also the harmful substances are leaving the body. The activity of these organs can cause diarrhea and constipation in the first 2-4 weeks. In IBS, ulcerative colitis, diarrhea often occurs in Crohn's disease, and the stool becomes normal for 6 weeks. The diseases above are fully treatable because they are due to a lack of bile and enzymes, but if we start their production, it cures the guts.

2. For what diseases and how many months is the least recommended period for the treatment?

One cure for total mental and physical condition lasts 3-4 months. In the case of more severe diseases, it is 6-6.5 months. CONDITIONS IS 100% COMPLIANCE TO PREPARED ADVICE, ONLY THEN THE REG ENOR IS SUCCESSFUL AND THE KEY TO STARTING YOUR NEW HEALTHY LIFE: You will feel nothing if the rules described above are not followed except for headaches, diarrhea, and general bad body condition. The time constraint of Reg-Enor's usage is not limited because it is a substance that our organism produces typically.

3. What happens if someone eats oil, oil grains, alcohol, dairy products, desserts, fruits or sugar while on Reg-Enor's treatment?

All mentioned products prevent the opening of the Vater papillae, while Reg-Enor INCREASES BILE PRODUCTION, which causes the condition as if we had closed bile ducts. The symptoms that may occur in this case are dizziness, headache, nausea, weakness, abdominal cramps, and a general bad feeling. If one fails to comply with Reg-Enor's rules in the treatment, one will immediately feel in the overall state of the organism that one has eaten something one should not. So: "Sin will not go unpunished". IF ONE EATS ABOVEMENTIONED DISHES, INSTEAD OF WEIGHT LOSS ONE CAN COUNT WITH WEIGHT GAIN. IN THIS CASE, DO NOT EXPECT TO FEEL THE IMPROVEMENT OF TOTAL BODY STATE!

4. If for some reason I am forced to quit the treatment early, how can I do it and what are the risks?

At the end of Reg-Enor's treatment, do not take it in the morning, but for the next two days eat as if you would still use it. If you want to start to use Reg-Enor again, already day before the eating habits should already follow the treatment and the next morning you can begin to use Reg-Enor again.

5. What happens if I only eat three times a day?

Eating three times a day is the perfect form of eating, in the morning a lot, for lunch normal and less for the evening. However, if one is hungry, he can eat anytime during the day, but keep an eye for the amount, for example, one portion of toast-fat, or the bread toasted on the fat with a piece of vegetable.

6. How many times and how should I take Reg-Enor?

Reg-Enor should be taken 3 times a day for one measuring cup (10 ml), after a meal for 1-1.5 hours, but in the morning it can be taken 25-30 minutes before eating.

7. What happens if I can't take Reg-Enor three times a day?

Reg-Enor in a small bottle we can take with us wherever we go because it does not change. If, however, we omit the 1-1 dose, its effect diminishes because there is nothing to help regular bile production.

8. Why can blood pressure increase with Reg-Enor during the first period?

The answer is very simple and logical. As Reg-Enor takes care of removing harmful substances, they get from cells through the blood to the liver. But since in the first weeks the liver does not produce enough bile salts to which the harmful substances bind, they get back from the liver to the arteries, thereby thickening the blood, so it is natural that blood pressure can also increase by 10-20 mm of the mercury column, rarely more. But if we get a sufficient amount of fat (duck, goose, pork), it ensures adequate gall bladder emptying and long-term opening of Vater's papilla. Therefore, harmful substances bind to bile salts, so their organism can get rid of them, thanks to which blood pressure can normalize. The key to success is consuming more fat or oily foods, eating bacon, sausage, liver pate, or 2-5 tablespoons of fat during one meal. Fat mixed in soup, or spread on toasted bread, or toasted bread on fat.

9. Why doesn't the yoyo effect happen?

It is known that man implements various methods of weight loss with good results, but as one abruptly breaks them, he gets it back, even gains more weight than he lost. The question is why? With these methods, we discard kilograms from some tissues, but we lose a lot of water, but the harmful substances themselves remain in the muscles. Concentrated harmful substances in the tissues force the liver to produce fat and store harmful substances into it, which is the reason for gaining weight again. If the function liver-bile does not work, we cannot expel the harmful substances. The liver produces the fat from the meat tissues and stores the harmful substances there. Since the liver does not produce fat tissues, these substances are stored in the muscles, and near the joints, so they are currently causing joint problems in several people that no drug can stop because they are actually symptoms. With Reg-Enor treatment, these harmful substances disappear, and joint issues are gone within 1-3 weeks. Since toxic substances are removed from the body by Reg-Enor, the effect of losing weight cannot be seen. To do this, however, 4 things MUST BE FOLLOWED after the cure! It is forbidden to consume oil, margarine, oilseeds, to consume dairy products - only in small amounts, but it is necessary to get at least 2x20-30 grams of fat a day in our body and cook only with fat itself.

10. Why does skin contract without stretch marks when practicing weight loss with REG-ENOR?

It is a well-known fact that when the growth of a human organism is terminated, it has only a certain number of cells per square centimeter. In the case of weight gain, their number no longer increases, but our body stores some substances in the skin that increase the size of the cells, so the same number of cells can cover a larger area. These substances are harmful. REG-ENOR helps the glands with internal secretion in their activity and makes the liver produce massive bile production. This contributes to the dissolution of harmful substances in tissues, veins, arteries, and the lymphatic system. The REG-ENOR, therefore, removes toxic substances not only from fat tissues but also from muscle and skin tissues. As fatty lumps shrink, our skin will also contract without creating a single fold. There are cases in which over 6 months someone has lost 47 kg while his skin has been so tight as if he had never been fat in the past. It is also the case that one short woman lost 60 kg over 2 years, thanks to the 3 treatments while she took Reg-Enor. Thus, when losing weight with Reg-Enor, the skin will contract depending on the weight loss speed.

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