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"I've been looking for a solution to clean up the organism for a long time already. I felt I needed to fix it for myself. After fifty, there were health problems that I wanted to fight in the early days if possible. Three weeks ago I found Regenor and started to use it. I missed sweets the first week, but after a few days I got used to the recommended diet, and I didn't want any more desserts or chocolates. I feel well, I sleep very well and so far I have lost 4 kgs with no starving. I am delighted with the treatment itself, and I'm determined to take Regenor for 6 months to get rid of harmful substances for my body and to strengthen my health."

Edward, Nottingham

"I was overweight by 20 kg and had problems with the joints when I started taking Regenor. I was treated for the joints a long time ago, but the pain persisted. Two months have passed since the start of the Regenor course. I feel good now, my hips are fine, I have lost 10 kilograms already, but I have a goal to lose 10 more kilograms. I already feel that I can do it without any difficulty, especially because my husband is also delighted, we support each other a lot, and we know it is an excellent thing."

Mary, Oxford

"I started using Reg-enor only a few weeks ago, but after a few days, I felt a change. My digestion started to improve, my stomach was not swollen anymore, and I face many other changes. I don't have a heart arrhythmia, I sleep very well, I don't have flushes. I feel that the harmful substances are disappearing out of my body, I have easily gotten used to the diet, I don't have to starve, and on the contrary, I can eat what I want – still, I have lost 5 kilograms in one month. I'm glad I have found out this medicine and started detoxifying the body. I feel real very well."

Sophie, Liège

"I have been using Reg-enor for over two months, and I feel perfect. I have more energy. My general health has changed for the better. I have diabetes, but I was pleasantly surprised at the last blood sample procedure because I had good results. The sugar level in my blood has improved. Cholesterol has also been changed due to the recommended diet, and every day I treat myself with sausage, bacon, meat and meat products, eggs, etc. Of course, you need to eat lots of vegetables and drink plenty of liquids. I will continue to use Reg-enor to achieve complete detoxification because I feel great thanks to it."

Anna, Saint-Dizierk
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