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nutritional supplement for body regeneration and weight loss

Lose the weight HEALTHY!

Many of us suffer from overweight or being too slim. The cause of these conditions is wrong digestive tract function. If digestion is not perfect and we do not eat healthily, so the result is the over oxygenation of the organism, the proliferation of harmful fungus. About 30 species of fungus are responsible for this, so we must not support conditions for their reproduction.

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  • We should consume such foods in which fungus do not grow.
  • We should eat such foods that do not fermentate, do not contain sugar, (ie, do not eat sugar-containing foods, fruits with a high sugar content), because due to the presence of sugar the fungus will start to produce toxins that paralyze nerve endings in the intestines and stop moving the digested food in the intestines, they begin to reproduce and form gas in the intestines..
  • It is necessary to help the body cleanse its substances that cause its acidification and remove unwanted substances causing inflammation and create conditions for the reproduction of fungus and bacteria..
  • Strengthening immunity is a necessary condition.


Detoxification from toxins


Regeneration of digestion


Weight adjustment


Strengthening immunity

REG-ENOR will help us to purify and strengthen our organism. Vitamin-C is an antioxidant that is essential to the synthesis of some hormones and to the proper function of the immune system. Polyphenol components from grapefruit seed extracts also play a crucial role in the body's defense system.

REG-ENOR still contains poly- and oligopeptides that are important in the control of cell activity. There are 20 amino acids in the polypeptides that positively affect the purification of the extracellular mass. By taking REG-ENOR for a week, the excretion of poisons from the body can be detected from the urine because it causes urine coloration or odor. Dietary principles should be observed and followed while taking REG-ENOR.

Dishes to AVOID while on treatment:

Desserts, pastries, alcohol, sugars, sweets, honey, vinegar products, fermented foods, milk, dairy products (yogurt, kefir, cheese, butter), high sugar content fruit, margarine, oils.

During the treatment we RECOMMEND:

  • use fat (not oil) when cooking, so that the fat-soluble vitamins are well absorbed (use a little bit of fat for the dishes to be prepared)
  • meat can be prepared in different ways (roast, cooked, stewed, fried)
  • toast the bread in the toaster, but not very burnt
  • bacon, ham, sausage can be cooked, baked, even raw
  • the base for the soup to fry a bit, pour with water
  • vegetable salads can be prepared from a variety of vegetables with the addition of regular lemon juice, with the addition of a little salt and artificial sweetener
  • use salt only slightly when cooking
  • as a side dish use the rice, corn, peas, beans
  • potatoes, pasta – consume only to a limited extent
  • fruits allowed - lemon and grapefruit
  • artificial sweeteners as needed
  • drinking regime: water, mineral water, spring water, tea without sugar and drink a lot

Recommended dosage:

One bottle of REG-ENOR is ordinarily sufficient for 17 days. The use of the product is recommended for at least 3 months. Positive changes may occur sooner, each organism reacts differently, but after three months of use, positive experiences have been confirmed for each person.

3 x 10 ml (3x 1 tablespoon) per day, 3 x 5 ml (3 x 1 teaspoon) for children under 10 years of age. The adult dose is calculated per person weighing 70 - 85 kg. In the morning with an empty stomach, for lunch and in the evening 1 hour to 1.5 hours after a meal, always keep the product for a short time in the oral cavity and only then swallow.

Overweight and weight-loss individuals may take 3 x 15 ml (3 x 1.5 tablespoons) for 4 to 5 weeks and then as described above, but the duration of the treatment should be 6 months to achieve the desired results.

Side effects:

Diarrhea or constipation may occur during the use of the product and disappear after a short period. For one who constipation would last longer, one can try the following: eat about 15 dkg of grated carrot with a grated apple mixed, eat as a snack in the morning or in the afternoon.

Anyone who is being treated for a disease should consult their physician in any case.

REG-ENOR is not a medicine but a nutritional supplement. Nutritional supplements do not replace a varied and balanced diet and the right lifestyle. The product should be protected from the light because it becomes brown in light and thus loses its quality. Shake before use.

Keep from children!

Szigfrid Szabo

The inventor of REG-ENOR (78 years)
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